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Welcome to the Jurassic

Readers aged 8Yrs+


The cover is inspired by the Jurassic Period Pliosaur fossils found along the Dorset Coast.


Inspired by the Jurassic Period of Britain and the fossil record of the Dorset coast designated by UNESCO as a natural World Heritage Site in the South West of England we travel back in time to between 201.4 – 143.1 million years ago.


This was a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and ferocious marine reptiles patrolled the seas and oceans. A period when the supercontinent of Pangaea broke apart, the climate and sea level changed and widespread environmental upheaval happened.


Take an immersive journey through this stunningly illustrated book as we explore this fascinating world.


Welcome to the Jurassic!


VAT Included
  • 978-1-3999-6553-8

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