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Welcome to the Triassic

Readers aged 8Yrs+


Inspired by the Triassic Period and the fossil record of East Devon we travel back in time between 252 - 201 million years ago.


A time before ferocious dinosaurs roamed the Earth, a time that started and ended with mass extinction events, and a time when the supercontinent of Pangaea began to break apart and the climate changed.


Take an immersive journey through this stunningly illustrated book as we explore this fascinating world.


Eleanor’s stunning illustrations and the storyline offer a fun learning experience for the young reader and hopefully inspires a sense of curiosity,  fascination and understanding about our local natural environment.


VAT Included
  • “Welcome to the Triassic' is a fascinating read, which children of all ages will find exciting, engaging and incredibly informative.” 

  • 978-1-3999-5307-8

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